Sales Tax Return in Lahore

The Punjab Revenue Authority legally manages the Punjab Sales Tax on every kind of service. You can see service taxes including sales tax return, and indirect taxes levied on the taxable services on the official website of PRA. Moreover, PRA will receive the service tax from the person providing the taxable service. In addition to this, PRA accepts manual or computerized requests for sales tax registration. Moreover, if a proprietor, company, or firm is already registered with the federal board of revenue, PRA registration is not necessary. However, in other cases, one must register his company in PRA.

How Can I Register Myself With the PRA For Sales Tax Return?

Anyone involved in any service provision must register with the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA). According to the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act, 2012, there is no exemption for services, but charges vary depending on the services rendered by the Taxpayers.

Any commercial endeavor that does not involve the sale of commodities is a service. Moreover, hotels, nightclubs, caterers, cable TV, telecommunications, insurance, reinsurance, banking companies, non-banking financial institutions, stock brokers, shipping agents, courier services, contractors, etc., are typical service providers. The Second Schedule provides details about each service that is related to this law. There are several methods of Punjab Revenue Authority registration which are as follows:

  1. Voluntarily registration for PRA
  2. Mandatory registration for PRA 

When a taxpayer already has a login ID for the E-FBR Portal, the PRA E-enrollment process is as follows:

Registration Process For PRA

First Step: PST-01 Application Form

PRA Requests Manual or electronic submission of the (PST-01) form for registration in PRA.

Step 2: Information and Document Verification

You need to check the accuracy of the data and files submitted for PRA Registration. After that, the Punjab Revenue Authority will give the applicant a PRA Registration Certificate if the verification is successful.

Step 3: PRA Registration application rejection

In case of any unfortunate situation, where PRA Rejects your registration, it will notify the applicant of the reason(s) within 30 days of the application's filing.

Mandatory Registration for PRA

If the Punjab Revenue Authority decides ( after doing all the necessary verification) that a person is eligible to register but hasn’t done so, it will notify the person within fifteen days and award them with a number. Though, everyone has the opportunity to be heard throughout the mandatory PRA registration process. Moreover,  no one is registered without prior notification.

List of Paperwork Necessary for PRA Registration

According to the taxpayer’s status, the following documents are necessary for registration with the Punjab Revenue Authority.

Paperwork Needed for Business Individual PRA Registration

  1. PST Form
  2. NTN replica
  3. replica of CNIC
  4. Email address and mobile number
  5. paid electric bill.
  6. Tenancy Agreement and Owner CNIC or Business Premises Ownership Documents
  7. Certificate of Bank Maintenance

Documents Needed for Partnership Firm PRA Registration:

  1. PST Form
  2. Copies of Firm NTN
  3. Copy of Partners from CNIC
  4. Email address and mobile number
  5. Form C
  6. Deed of Partnership
  7. paid electric bill.
  8. Tenancy Agreement and Owner CNIC or Business Premises Ownership Documents
  9. Certificate of Bank Maintenance

Mandatory Documents for Company PRA Registration

  1. a certificate of incorporation
  2. AOA and MOA
  3. paid electric bill.
  4. Tenancy Agreement and Owner CNIC or Business Premises Ownership Documents
  5. Certificate of Bank Maintenance

These are the necessary documents that PRA requires in order to process the sales registration return. However,  the sales registration is not final. PRA can permanently de-register the person in case of any complaints.

Permanent Revocation of Registration

Suppose the Punjab Revenue Authority determines that a person is not authorized to register with PRA or has disregarded legal requirements outlined in the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act and Rules. In that case, it may suspend or inactivate the person’s registration.

Removal from the Punjab Revenue Authority

There is a PRA list of people who submit monthly sales tax return online. The PRA system routinely checks to see if taxpayers have filed their sales tax returns. For Active Taxpayers, the Punjab Revenue Authority must receive updated sales tax returns.

If a taxpayer cannot file their sales tax return for two months or longer, they are considered inactive in the Punjab Revenue Authority’s records. Anyone not providing services and not required to register under this Act may have their registration canceled by the Punjab Revenue Authority. On the other hand,  if any person registered under this Act and feels not in compliance with the regulations, legal responsibilities, or registration requirements outlined in section 25 of the Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act 2012 may get himself de-registered with authority.

De-Registration Process

The authority must resolve the De-Registration Application within three months of the application’s filing unless an extension of sixty days is granted.

The Punjab Sales Tax on Services Act 2012 and rules created thereunder provide separate norms and regulations from the Federal Board of Revenue. Although, FBR is responsible for the federal tax system, and PRA is the province’s representative. Moreover, if the services fall under the purview of the Punjab Revenue Authority, a separate return must be filed by the registered person.

You must file Sales tax return with the PRA

A Sales Tax Return on Services is an assessment document you submit to PRA to indicate how much sales tax you owe them, typically before the 15th of each month. You won’t file a sales tax return if registered for sales tax. However, people who submit their returns after the deadline set by the appropriate authority must pay a fine of 5,000 rupees.

The sales tax return reveals how many services you provided, how much tax was withheld throughout the month, and how much is still owed to PRA.

If the amount is due, the person must prepare a challan and submit the due sales tax balance to any authorized National Bank of Pakistan branches or make an online ADC payment.

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