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What Is The Procedure To File An Income Tax Return In Pakistan In 2022 – 2023?

Taxation has been a part of society since the beginning of time. It is the most critical form of revenue generation for any government. In the modern-day scenario, it is a legal requirement for every individual to pay taxes to the government to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. It is the responsibility of every taxpayer to file a tax return and pay the Tax within the prescribed time limit. Filing a tax return is a tedious task, and it is even more difficult for taxpayers not aware of the procedure to file the tax return. The procedure to file income tax return online in Pakistan is as follows. 

Procedure For Online Income Tax Return Filing

Online tax return filing has become more accessible. All individuals can conveniently file their taxes online by visiting the Federal Board of Revenue website. A fundamental national requirement is paying income tax. The income tax department in Pakistan is making it simple for citizens to file their tax returns in accordance with the most recent tax laws. The exact steps for logging into the IRIS site and submitting your taxes are listed below.

Instructions For Logging Into The IRIS Portal To File Income Tax Returns

For filing your individual income tax returns in Pakistan, use the IRIS Portal. By logging into the website’s portal, you can access The IRIS Portal. You can follow the instructions in this article to log in and file your tax return.

  1. Before submitting any tax returns, log into Iris. Using Iris, one may file tax returns online. Click the “Forgot password” link to change your password.
  2. After successfully logging in, choose “Declaration” from the menu at the top of the portal.
  3. Select the Forms tab and the ‘114(1) Return of Income Filed Voluntarily for 1 Year’ option.

By selecting the Period tab, you must specify the Tax year. You are now free to proceed after that.

Directions For Registering In The Employment Section

Fill out the employment section of the form in order to file an income tax return in Pakistan.

  1. Enter the salary’s annual income in the Total Amount column.
  2. Click the Employment section after the new page has loaded.
  3. Navigate to the Salary tab.
  4. Enter the salary’s annual income in the Total Amount column.
  5. If your salary includes the exempted amount, include it under the heading “Amount exempt from tax.”
  6. After you’re done, choose Calculate.
  7. Click the Calculate button after entering the total Tax, the amount subject to final Tax, and the amount exempt from taxes into the appropriate areas.

Individuals can take advantage of various tax deductions, although these vary significantly from person to person. Understanding the distinction between deductible and adjustable taxes is crucial for this reason.

Many people are under the misconception that they can consistently deduct the same Tax from their salaries each year. Let’s investigate these fundamental distinctions since they may significantly affect your tax bill.

How To Determine Tax Deduction Amount And Adjustable Tax

The nation offers numerous tax breaks and exemptions. There are numerous strategies to minimize your taxes, from income to sales tax. Calculating your adjusted Tax and adjusted tax deductions will help you determine the precise amount of Tax you are paying. Moreover, you can utilize the following approach to determine the Amount of Tax Deducted and Adjustable Tax:

Adjustable Tax

Log in to the IRIS site to calculate the variable or adjustable Tax. The specifics of the taxes that have already been levied against you or billed to you during your tax year must be entered in the Adjustable Tax section.

  1. To input any deductions made for Zakat or charitable contributions, choose the Deductible Allowances option on the Tax Chargeable/Payments page.
  2. Tax Chargeable, Tax Reductions, Adjustable Tax, and Tax Credits boxes must be filled out.
  3. On the Adjustable Tax screen, you must input the specifics of the taxes that have already been assessed against you or charged to you during your tax year.
  4. Use the 64020001 code to enter your tax payment if you work for the federal government.
  5. Enter the tax amount for provincial government employees against 64020002.
  6. Use the 64020003 code when submitting your tax amount if you work for a corporation.

You must register your assets with the State Bank of Pakistan and own vehicles like cars and motorcycles if you reside in Pakistan. In the next portion of this post, we’ll go over the procedure for registering assets in Pakistan and how to do it.

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How To List Your Vehicles And Other Property:

Here’s information on registering your vehicles and other property in Pakistan.

You can modify the taxes your bank deducts from particular portions, such as when you withdraw money in 64100101. For other banking transactions, such as savings or bonds, the code 64151501 should be used. Additionally, you can contrast the Tax your bank deducts for the registration, transfer, sale, and leasing of motor vehicles with the pertinent codes.

A dialogue box will prompt you for specifics about the vehicle, including the E&TD Registration Number and additional information on the manufacturer, model, and engine size. Choose Calculate Tab from the menu once you’re done. Your Tax will be calculated as a result.

Millions of Pakistanis use the legal system yearly to register their net worth. Here is the information you need to register your net assets in Pakistan if you are interested in this area of law.

How To Declare Your Assets After Taxes

In Pakistan, you must register your net worth somewhat differently than in other nations. You’ll need to have certain documents on hand and input your bank information. You don’t have to complete this procedure, even though it can be confusing. A step-by-step tutorial for registering your net assets in Pakistan is provided below.

  1. To provide information about your assets, go to and choose the Personal Assets link.
  2. Net assets for the current year and the previous year are added together.
  3. Enter the annual income amount in the inflows and outflows column.
  4. Click the Calculate button once you have entered all the important information.
  5. It would be best if you now authenticate your identity after adding and computing the values for all the important fields.
  6. Enter the verification pin you received during the registration, then choose the Verify Pin tab.
  7. Lastly, select the Submit button to start filling out your income tax forms after getting the data.

You need an active e-Filing account and a National Tax Number (NTN) to file your income tax return online. Registering on the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) website can get your NTN. We lead you through each step of the straightforward procedure of submitting your income tax return online in this article. Once you’ve finished, you may unwind, knowing that your taxes have been updated for the current year and are in order.

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